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Meeting Productivity Optimized with Interactive Presentations on Touch Displays

Known for its WirelessTouch™ capability, this VisionShare AC touch series (comes with either HDMI or Type-C connectivity – or both!) is a powerful marriage between high-performance touchback functionality and highly advanced, innovative technologies tailor-made for wireless presentation, such as our proprietary 60Ghz and mmWave.

AC25/AC45 is the all-in-one version of WT20The mighty thumb drive-sized touch transmitter turns your touch displays into professional drawing boards that sync with the connected device in real-time.


Whether you are presenting a graphics-intensive report or showing off your vision for the city's new urban design, AC25/AC45 ensures True 4K resolution and zero latency interactivity.


No cables, no latency, no hassles.


Compatible with IR and InGlass touch

AC25/AC45, the all-in-one version of WT20, is a 60ghz, mmWave wireless presentation system compatible with touch displays featuring infrared (IR) and FlatFrog InGlass


Instantly connect and present with touch

VisionShare Series is a true plug & play system that allows users to connect their laptop, tablet, or smartphone and share their presentation in seconds


Reverse control on touch displays

AC25/AC45 enable presenters to engage with presentation files and materials readily available on their devices real-time directly on multi-touch displays.

Enhance Presentation Efficiency & Reliability

Intuitive meetings from huddle spaces to conference rooms.


Support Multi-Touch Wirelessly

VisionShare Touch Series (AC25/AC45 as an all-in-one solution and WT20 as an external solution) optimizes productivity.


  • Replace mouse with touch and control the master device from the front of the meeting room

  • Allow users to open and close applications, advance presentation slides, navigate browsers, and annotate documents on-screen

  • Launch presentation files easily on-screen via touch

  • Engage with True 4K resolution without additional scaler

Switch Between Devices Quickly

VisionShare Series upgrades meeting productivity with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) support, where employees can instantly present from their device. Whether it's an iOS, Android, Chromebook, or PC, it does it all. 

  • Boost employee confidence

  • Raise attendee satisfaction 

  • Smoother meeting workflow

  • Reduce cabling and gadgets

  • No seating adjustments


Setup Presentations in Seconds

Organizations of all sizes can upgrade their meeting customer experience by streamlining presentations into quick and easy steps: Plug, Touch, Present, and Annotate. VisionShare Touch Series (AC25/AC45 and WT20) small form factor allows easy relocation and deployment from huddle spaces to boardrooms. Sweep audiences and stakeholders off their feet with zero installation or driver wait time. 

VisionShare AC25 | AC45
Wireless Presentation System

_MG_4726-compressor (2).png
  • Battery level LED indicator

  • Connectivity status LED light

USB-C / HDMI Plug & Play Extend Desktop



One Play Button

  • Water-resistant

  • Magnetic attraction

  • UV coating

  • Switch between players & presenters quickly

  • Power embedded

Plug into the HDMI / USB-C port of the master device then, push the play button to start presenting immediately.

_MG_9203 (1) (1).png

Wireless 10-Point Capacitve Multi-Touch Technology

Support wireless touch back to control master device directly through the touch display



I/O Connectivity

Split display source to 2 displays and projectors simultaneously via 2x HDMI outputs

_MG_4870-compressor (1).png

 BYOD Screen Mirroring 

Support wireless connection with a wide range of personal devices and split screens

Auto Pairing​

  • Auto-pairing between transmitter (player) and receiver by pressing the play button for 10 seconds

  • Compact design for easy room-to-room relocation


Power Station

  • Cordless charging station

  • Magnetic attraction design

Quick Specs

Product Series

VisionShare AC25    | VisionShare AC45


1920x1200p@60Hz   | 3840x2160@30HZ

Frequency Band


Video Quality

UnCompressed True Video Quality

Support OS



HDMI 1.4x1 USB-Cx1(DP support)  |        HDMI 2.0x1 USB-Cx1(DP support) 

Battery Embedded

2500mAh support up to 3.5 hours usage

Charge Function

Micro USB or Cordless Charging Pin 


HDMI output x2 USB TypeA x2 (Keyboard/Mouse/Touch) LAN x1 3.5mm Audio x1 Power Jack x1

USB Wireless Touch

USB A to Bcable x1

Product Series

VisionShare AC25                                     VisionShare AC45


Up to 1920x1200 @60Hz                                Up to 4Kx2K (3840x2160) @30Hz

Video Quality

Uncompressed content

Video Frame Rate

Up to 1920x1200 60 fps                               Up to 3840x2160 30 fps

Frequency Band

60GHz Wireless HD

Support OS

Windows / MAC / Chrome / iOS / Android

Data Rate Wireless

Up to 28Gbps

Wireless Distance

Up to 10 m / 33 feet

Video Output Receiver

           HDMI 1.4x1 USB-C x1 (DP Support)                       HDMI 2.0x1 USB-C x1 (DP Support)   

Player Battery

                                                                Up to 3.5 hours

Player Connector

HDMI input x1, Micro USB x1, Button x1 (Play/Stop)

Base Station Connector

HDMI output x2, RJ45 LAN x1, 3.5mm Audio out x1, USB Type A x2

Mirroring360 Supports

BYOD, Split-Screen, Screen Mirroring / Air play

Dual Display Output

Yes, support up to dual 4K output

Extended Desktop


Power Supply

Input: AC 100-240V, Output:5V/4A

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