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VisionShare A / AC series

Professional true 4K plug & play
wireless collaboration solution

VisionShare A / AC series (HDMI / HDMI & USB-C), the wireless presentation and collaboration system (WPS) turns any old-fashioned meeting room into a modern and stylish collaboration space. With its simple HDMI or USB-C plug and play functionality, provide more convenience and powerful wireless presentation solution.

VisionShare is the only WPS with mmWave, the gold standard of speed. Millimeter-wave (mmWave) described as "super-fast" and "ultra-fast" by mainstream media, which is absolute golden standard for wireless communications devices in terms of not only speed but also user experience that you will have experience the wireless like never before. 

AC meeting.png

A / AC series Highlights



60GHz Network





Point to Point Connection


Plug n' Play


No Driver,
No Software 


Raw Data








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VisionShare A / AC features

VisionShare is an instant plug-and-play wireless presentation system that uses HDMI & USB-C wireless connectivity. VisionShare also adopts the newest technology to present faster speed and larger bandwidth to support TRUE 4K connections with near-zero latency. No compression is needed to present the best-quality video performance ever. You see what you broadcast.

True plug'n play

Through HDMI & USB-C dongle direct plug-in laptop without the learning curve. Simple, easy and high-performance! 

mmWave 60Ghz technology

60GHz, the super-fast speed with high band-width that support true high-quality image without compression. 

Power embedded

HDMI dongle builds a battery that supports 2.5 hours of meeting. All-in-One solution to combine with power station and storage. 

BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Devices) through Mirroring 360

VisionShare platform support not only hardware but also software. Mirroring360 can wirelessly mirror & record your Chromebook, iPad, iPhone (via Airplay), Android, Windows, and Mac screens without the need for hardware or cables. 

Professional start-up image by customized set-up

VisionShare opens to set up a platform for customers to change their device ID, background, and different time zones. 

OTA (Over the air) function provides the online update service to fasten the service for the customer.

A series

High-efficiency true performance wireless presentation system 

A10+ / A20 / A40

AC series

VisionShare AC40.png

Enterprise high security
wireless collaboration solution

AC20 / AC40

ac15 iconai-22.png


Proprietary 60GHz throughput four times faster than today's 5GHz with zero latency and zero interference

ac15 iconai-23.png


Raw data encryption and HDCP/DTCP certified - what happens in the meeting room stays in the meeting room

ac15 iconai-21.png


Low TCO with minimal spending on malware or data loss, plus no software maintenance needed ever

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VisionShare AC series
Wireless Presentation System Overview


HDMI / USB-C Plug & Play
Extend Desktop

Plug n' Play via HDMI or Type-C connectivity readily available on your laptop without the hassle of installing any third-party software or driver 

usb-c head.png

Protected material design

  • Water resistant to prevsent destroy internal electric board

  • Magnetic attraction for ease of power charging.

  • UV coating on transmitter surface 

One play button

  • Real-time switch between players

  • Battery built-in (HDMI type); Power direct from laptop (USB-C type)

LED indicator

  • Long LED bar shows signal status in Red/Blue and Green

  • 4 small dots are battery capacity indicator

Auto pairing system

  • Automatic pairing the system after press transmitter button for 10 sec. The receiver will find and connect to get ready for play.

Multiple input / output connectivity

  • 2 HDMI outputs support the same image shown on 2 displays

  • 2 USB support keyboard/mouse function

  • Audio-out for an external audio system

Power charging & storage

  • Magnetic attraction design to support daisy chain the multi-stations. 

  • Cordless pin with slide-in design to support in right position for charging.

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