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Interact, Engage, and Communicate.

Advanced Series


VisionBoard Advanced Series provides interactive flat panel displays that feature various technologies and resolutions. Students and teachers can touch and accurately control content with the nSpace360 education software tool, turning simple lessons into incredible learning experiences.

Advanced series display

VisionBoard Advanced Series Key Features

A new interactive and collaborative experience

ultra HD resolution

Ultra HD 4K Resolution

4K resolution with big, bright, and vibrant images in much higher detail.

Build in OPS

Optional Build-in OPS

Compatible with major operating systems that work seamlessly with dynamic computing devices.


Combined Finger and Pen Touch

Supports 20 points multi-touch, the leading pioneer on the market.

Build in software

Built-in Interactive Software

Built-in software tool to support large format display touch function and wireless device.

Slim Bezel with Artistic Design

All-in-one design with modern hairline style. Bezel width is 30mm, slim, light and artistic.

High resolution



Embedded IR receiver


IR Receiver

Multi Touch Points


Touch Points

Interactive Presenter Pen

A lightweight touch pen with one-click access to launch nSpace interactive software.

Wireless back control


Back Control

Software tool


Software Tool

Slim bezel
Presenter Pen

VisionBoard Advanced Series Specification

Write, edit, and share instantly with the best experience

VisionBoard Features
VisionBoard features

Create and Share Professional Content

Interactive draw, write and share from everywhere

nSpace annotation software

nSpace360 Key Features

nSpace360 is an easy to use whiteboard application, users can use to create a truly collaborative platform.

Wireless Presentation and Collaboration

Content can be easily shared wirelessly and instantly 

nShare software

nShare360 can broadcast your display screen to up to unlimited participants and they can view on their devices.

Mirroring360 can wirelessly mirror & record your Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac screens without the need for hardware or cables. 

Mirroring360 software

Simple, Reliable Screen Mirroring and Sharing.

VisionBoard Advanced Series

86" display
75" display
65" Display
VisonBoard specification
VisionBoard specification
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