Turn Your Phone

Into A Real Movie


VisionPLAY turn your smartphone into a private movie theater, easy to wear and use, wide angle screen make yourself into the environment. The VisionPLAY app helps you launch your favorite VR experiences. 


Redefine The Digital Entertainment.

 VisionPLAY immerse yourself go inside your favorite movies in the theater. Explore and discover a new world of unexpected entertainment experiences with your family and friends.  

The Best Viewing Experience

Change your mind for conventional VR glass

Have Fun To Play Games.

VisionPLAY provide a new gaming system, you can step inside the game and be a part of the action like you're really there.

VisionPLAY Key Features

Super lightweight design and support all smartphones

High Quality Lenses

We use Japan optical technology – Aspherical Lens, wide angle screen with 360 degree view.

Easy Portable Design

Medical elastic sponge with high efficiency heat spread hole; Removable front cover.

Auto Focused Lenses

No Adjustment, auto focus Short-sighted below  500 degree. Support with glasses.

Easy Control Smartphone

Edge protect design against smartphone drop out, control the smartphone even in the VR glass.

It’s Virtual Reality, Anywhere, Anytime.

Touch The Future Now.

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