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Wireless TRUE Performance Collabotation System

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VisionShare AC Series

HDMI Package

HDMI + USB-C Package

Interactive Meeting Room 


 VisionShare AC25 is a wireless presentation and collaboration system. Supports USB back control function, which can simply and directly control the back flat panel to the PC. No issues with system compatibility. 




Unique & Professional Design

International Design Award

Office Equipment / Productivity Tool / Presentation

VisionShare AC25 is a wireless presentation and collaboration system that enables any meeting participant to instantly share content wirelessly with high performance and security.

VisionShare Key Features

Vision a professional collaboration solution

Android phone

iPad Pro



SAMSUNG S8/ S9/S10/Note8

HUAWEI mate10/pro

hTc U Ultra

LG g5/g6

Microsoft lumia 950/960 

VisionShare support phone/tablet/laptop

screen mirroring by software free

True plug&play via Type-c connectivity

Zero Latency

New Wireless
60GHz Technology

Achieved a new level of wireless generation by using 60 GHz frequency band, we deliver a great technology impact with satisfying results.

Power Embedded

Battery embedded system are able to

present at 3.5 hours.increase meeting efficiency and solve additional power cabling issue.

Zero Latency

Cable-Like experience by instant transmission without latency.

Enjoy high speed performance wirelessly.

Full HD
offers the best viewing experience

Enhance your entertainment experience with Visionshare. we delivers a vividly clear picture, with full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution.

USB Type-C streaming 

Simply plug into device USB-C then push the play button to start presenting immediately.


Extend Desktop

With two displays, you can work more efficiently from your laptop, so you can accomplish more in the sameamount of time.

Dual 4K Display Output

Establish a dual-monitor environment by connecting two 4K monitors and Visionshare.

Water resistance /  Breathable 

Careful engineering ensures that the case keeps out water but excellent air permeability.

Anti fingerprint /grease

The special anti-fingerprint property prevents unsightly fingerprints on the surfaces and considerably reduces the amount of cleaning required

VisionShare AC25

USB-C Smart Power management

Automatic power management enforcement ensures Visionshare work efficiency.

Mirroring360 & Split - screen

Support BYOD devices include

Airplay(ios/Mac)/Chorme/Windows/Android systems.

Mirroring360 can wirelessly mirror & record your Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac screens without the need for hardware or cables. 

VisionShare Unique Features

Smart Technology, Smart Office

True Full HD

Resolution Image

Wireless HDMI

Software Free

Unique Design

Click & Play

Special Frequency

High Security


Any Devices

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