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AD, perfectly paired for display in a true wireless meeting room!

VisionShare mmWave

VisionShare mmWave
VisionShare mmWave

VisionShare mmWave

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Known for its superfast speed, VisionShare operates in the most uncongested 60GHz frequency, where there is no interference like 2.4/5GHz. NorthVision is also the first in the world to offer a True 4K wireless presentation system without compressing presentation data, so you can give your customers and visitors the best quality they deserve. 

60GHz mmWave True 4K

wireless collaboration system

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Interact, Engage, and Communicatie

VisionBoard, an interactive flat panel displays that feature various technologies with 4K resolution and multi-touch up to 20 points. Direct and simple touch accurately controls the content on the large display. 3 different software enhance interaction with an attendee that creates and shares professional content easily. VisionBoard turning all meetings into incredible high-efficiency experiences.