VisionShare Series

Wireless TRUE Performance Collaboration System


Huddle Room

Standard Meeting Room

Corporate Meeting Room

Interactive Meeting Room

Wireless Touch Solution

All Meeting Room

Small work space and meeting area

Interactive Touch Display Meeting Room

Small to Middle size Meeting Room

Full range of Meeting Room

Interactive Touch Display Meeting Room

Small to large meeting rooms

wireless presentation

Meeting Productivity Optimized with Interactive Presentations on Touch Displays

Known for its multi-touch WirelessTouch™ capability, this VisionShare AC touch series (comes with either HDMI or Type-C connectivity – or both!) is a powerful marriage between high-performance touchback functionality and advanced, innovative technologies tailor-made for wireless presentation, such as our proprietary 60Ghz and mmWave.

The mighty thumb drive-sized touch transmitter turns your touch displays into professional drawing boards that sync with the connected device in real-time.


Whether you are presenting a graphics-intensive report or showing off your vision for the city's new urban design, the portable wireless transmitter ensures crystal-clear resolution.


No cables, no latency, no hassles.

VisionShare AC25 (WUXGA) / AC45 (4K)

True Plug & Play Wireless Multi-Touch

Presentation Solution

  • High performance of WUXGA or 4K video quality

  • Power embedded and HDMI or USB-C plug & play

  • Support multi-touch wirelessly with software free

  • Compatible for most touch display & VisionBoard

  • True Plug & Play, no software & no driver

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VisionShare Key Features

Vision a professional collaboration solution

Multi-Touch Technology

Wireless back control system without software & driver needed. Support multi-touch up to 10 points touch. Compatible for most touch display & VisionBoard.