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Collaborative Learning Space

VisionBoard Series

Write, edit, and share instantly with the best experience

Elite Series


Ultra HD 4K Resolution

10 Points Multi-Touch
PC-Less System

Optional Build-in OPS

20 Watt Speaker

Easy Access Port

nSpace360 Interactive Tool

VisionBoard - Elite
VisonBoard - Advanced

Advanced Series


Ultra HD 4K Resolution

20 Points Multi-Touch

PC-Less System

Optional Build-in OPS

30 Watt Speaker

Anti-Glare Glass

nSpace360 Interactive Tool

Best Interactive Learning Experiences

VisionBoard provide a new collaborative classroom experience, where teachers and students feel more connected in learning, communication, engagement, and interaction thanks to the big, high definition display.

Software for Any Devices

VisionBoard has built-in software in the nSpace360 tool to support large format display touch function and wireless keyboard / mouse. Get one-touch access to various applications, tools, and features. Teachers and students can easily share content via any device to stay comfortably engaged.

Simple Enough for Anyone to Use

VisionBoard combines finger and pen touch to

quickly and easily enrich any learning experience. There is no need for an external computer or cable as it is compatible with most major operating systems.

Customize Your Solution.

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