VisionShare Series

Wireless TRUE Performance Collabotation System


Huddle Room

Standard Meeting Room

Corporate Meeting Room

Interactive Meeting Room

Wireless Touch Solution

All Meeting Room

Small work space and meeting area

Interactive Touch Display Meeting Room

Small to Middle size Meeting Room

Full range of Meeting Room

Interactive Touch Display Meeting Room

Small to large meeting rooms

wireless presentation

Huddle Room Suitable

VisionShare A10 (HDMI), single player is an idea for office huddle areas or small meeting room environments. With single HDMI plug & play functionality, small groups can collaborate easily with more flexible approach to get work done without complicating the setup process. VisionShare A10 provide big benefits for small meeting space.

VisionShare A10 / 10+ 

Small Space .Big Benefits

  • Support high performance up to 1080p and WUXGA resolution

  • True HDMI plug & play without the learning curve

  • Self-power support 3-3.5 hours usage

  • Free WiFi Interference

  • Secure and Versatile Presentation System

  • No Software, No Driver, No Training

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VisionShare Key Features

Vision a professional collaboration solution

True Plug & Play 

Simply plug in the HDMI player and get started. No software or driver installation and no maintenance is required.

wireless presentation

New Wireless 60GHz Technology

Achieved a new level of wireless generation by using 60 GHz frequency band, we deliver a great technology impact with satisfying results.

Simply Connect with True Performance

Intuitive meeting from the huddle room to a conference room.

No Software No Installation

No Complicated Set-Up

VisionShare is the only solution that provides wireless Full HD resolution without any software installation.

wireless presentation  no download
wireless presentation  1080p wuxga

True 1080p and WUXGA 

offer the best viewing experience

Enhance your entertainment experience by delivers a vividly clear picture, without compression lost.





Embedded Power

VisionShare battery with thin and light design (only 5mm) thickness, Battery embedded system with rechargeable 2500mAh  battery that able to present at 3.5 hours.

wireless presentation  embedded power

VisionShare A10 | A10+ 



One Play Button

  • Fast Switch between  Players

  • Power Embedded

wireless presentation

Simply plug into PC HDMI then push the Play button to start presenting.

HDMI Plug & Play


  • Battery Power LED Indicator

  • Signal LED light

Dural Design

  • Water Resistant

  • Magnetic Attraction

  • UV coating


wireless presentation

BYOD Screen Mirroring

    Support personal devices and NotebookWirelessly in split-screen

Auto Pairing​

Mobility carry from room to room, only press "Play' button in 10 sec. pairing system runs automatically. 


I/O Connectitivy

VisionShare support 2x HDMI outputs that provide the same image for two displays or projectors.


Magnetic Attraction Design

  • Transmitter charge without extra effort, simple and easy in the right position by magnetic attraction 

Power Station

Extra Power Charge / Daisy Chain

  • Easy charge via cordless station

  • USB output design for extra power charge 

Grey Limbo

VisionShare A10 | A10+ Product Specification 


Model Name

VisionShare A10                                      VisionShare A10 +


Up to 1920x1080 / 1920x1200 @60Hz

Video Quality

Uncompressed content

Video Frame Rate

Up to 1920x1200 60 fps

Support OS

Windows, MAC, Chrome, Any OS supporting HDMI standard 1.4

Data Rate Wireless

Up to 28Gbps

Wireless Distance

Up to 10 m / 33 feet

Video Output Receiver

HDMI 1.4 x2

Player Battery

                                                                  Up to 3.5 hours

Player Connector

HDMI input x1, Micro USB x1, Button x1 (Play/Stop)

Base Station Connector

HDMI output x2, RJ45 LAN x1, 3.5mm Audio out x1, USB Type A x1

Signal Power Station

NA                                                                     Yes

Mirroring360 Supports

BYOD, Split-Screen, Screen Mirroring / Air play

Dual Display Output


Extended Desktop


Power Supply

Input: AC 100-240V, Output:5V/4A

USB Wireless Touch