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Display + VisionShare

Next-gen interactive meeting room solution 

Part of Wireless Multi-Touch Back Control system, WT20 is a module that enables presenters to engage with meeting materials readily available on their laptops real-time directly on multi-touch displays.  
WT20 is compatible with screens that support 10-point multi-touch, Infrared (IR) touch, capacitive touch and InGlass touch.
Just like all other VisionShare models, WT20 is super-fast, offers zero latency and delivers True 4K resolution.  
Welcome your customers and visitors to the future of meeting rooms, where everything is connected, interactive and seamless,   brought to you by NorthVision.



VisionShare WT20

WT stands for Wireless Touch. The WT20 is a module designed for 1) touch display manufacturers looking to innovate their portfolios 2) organizations of any size upgrading customer experiences.

What does WT20 do?

  • Transforms the touch screen into the presenter's laptop where presentation files can be opened on-screen

  • Allows the presenter to control the touch screen and the laptop back and forth wirelessly during meetings

  • Presentation files opened on-screen easily editable via touch 

  • Delivers True 4K resolution without an additional scaler  

See WT20 in Action 

In our demo video on the left, the NorthVision team showcases how easy and seamless the meeting is when the presenters are able to effortlessly control the touch screen and the laptop real-time via touch.


The level of interactivity of such meeting experience, brought to you by VisionShare WT20, is unseen and unlike any other, guaranteed to impress your customers. 


How is WT20 different and better?

wireless multi touch -04.png
wireless multi touch -05.png
wireless multi touch -06.png

Supports most types

of touchscreen technologies

Plug n' Play without installation or download of any 3rd-party app

10-point multi-touch compatible 

wireless multi touch -07.png

Extends command to the user's keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth HID

What are the use cases for WT20 in a meeting room?

shutterstock_551853514 (2)拷貝_edited-comp

All-in-One Solution


External Solution


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