Frequently asked questions

Preparing your VisionShare

Power up your VisionShare

Charge the transmitter for 8 hours before first-time use.

Check your display setting

VisionShare supports FHD and 4K resolution. Please make sure your hardware devices support 1920x1080@60Hz and 3840x2160@30Hz before plugging in the transmittor.

Do you need Wi-Fi connections to power up VisionShare?

No. Unlike all other solutions on the market that require users to connect to Wi-Fi, commonly 2.4GHz or 5GHz, VisionShare does not. Our proprietary 60GHz wireless technology is built-in and allows the system to operate without a Wi-Fi connection.

What are the benefits of 60GHz?

- Spectral availability to achieve gigabit-plus data rates
- High allowable transmit power for solid signal strength and range
- Worldwide availability and acceptance
- License exempt operation
- Narrow beam width and oxygen absorption for interference immunity and highly secure operation
(Source: SiBeam, Lattice Semiconductor)

What is beamforming?

Beamforming is a technique that focuses a wireless signal towards a specific receiving device, rather than having the signal spread in all directions from a broadcast antenna, as it normally would. The resulting more direct connection is faster and more reliable than it would be without beamforming. (Source: NetworkWorld)

Does your device support USB Type-C display output?

While USB Type-C is becomingg mainstream for laptops, not all of them support audio, video and display output. Some of the Type-C functionality only supports power. In cases like this, your laptop would not be able to output audio or video via an AC VisionShare model. Speak to your account manager regarding an A (HDMI only) model instead.

Questions about your receiver

What to do when nothing shows up on the screen after pairing?

Step 1: Are you using your own adaptor? Do not use any adaptor that does not come from NorthVision. It tends to cause issues. NorthVision also does not cover any damage caused by using your own adaptor. Step 2: Please make sure your display is set at the right resolution and frequency: 1920x1080@60Hz or 3840x2160@30Hz. Step 3: Select the correct input source from your display, such as HDMI-1 or HDMI-2.

Can I put the receiver on the ceiling, inside a file cabinet or inside a storage box?

For the best singal strength, the receiver is expected to be placed in an open area, as seen in the image below. If the recevier must be hidden, it can be placed behind the display. The receiver comes with VESA mount and can be easily wall-mounted.

How can I change the startup screen background?

Step 1: Make sure USB dongle has set the format in “FAT32” or NTSC”. Step 2: Save the image in 3840x2000 resolution with JPEG format on a USB dongle. Step 3: Plug the dongle into the USB port built on the receiver and then select "Background" from the navigiation bar. Choose "+" to add the new image. Step 4: The intended image saved on the USB dongle is expected to show on the screen. Select the intended image and save.

Questions about your transmitter

What is the standard pairing process?

Press the transmitter button for 10 seconds till the signal bar turns white. Then release the button. The system will proceed pairing process automatically. When it indicates blue, your VisionShare pairing is now successful.

Can I pair the transmitter with another receiver?

Yes. However, each receiver would remember only one transmitter when it is paired. You would have to make the receiver "forget" the transmitter currently paired with before you are able to pair it with a different transmitter.

How do I charge the battery built inside the transmitter?

There are two ways to charge the transmitter battery:
1. Put the transmitter on the charging station in a correct position for it to charge it automatically. Look for the blue light indicator.
2. Plug the microUSB cable that comes with the VisionShare package into the microUSB port on the transmitter. Then plug the Type-A USB into a charging device or an outlet. Please make sure the cable support 5V 1.5A.

Is your transmitter on Sleep Mode?

When your VisionShare has not been used for a period of time, the transmitter then automatically enters Sleep Mode in order to conserve the battery. To exit Sleep Mode, locate the MicroUSB cable that comes with the package (5V 1.5A and above, plug it into the transmitter and then plug the Type-A USB into a charging device or an outlet. The process is the same as if you were to charge the transmitter battery. Once the signal bar turns flashing red, you can then place the trasmitter on the power station. Please note that placing a transmitter currently on Sleep Mode on the power station would not wake up the transmitter. The transmitter must be woken up first via the MicroUSB cable before it can be charged on the power station.

What to do when there is no image?

1. Chances are the standard pairing process was not done properly. Please try again. 2. The NV logo button might have been pressed too many times. Please unplug the system and start the process again. Wait till the signal turns blue to press the button. Wait till the signal turns green for a few seconds to see whether the image appears.

Terms & Conditions

What is the standard warranty on your VisionShare?

Most of VisionShare products are sold by local distributors authorized by NorthVision headquarters. Please check with the local distributor where you have made the purchase from as each channel may have different policies. However, the standard warranty issued by NorthVision headquarters is 3 years on both the receiver and the transmitter. The warranty on the built-in battery is 1 year.


How to use Mirroring360 to project content on mobile devices wirelessly?

Step1: Connect the ethernet (RJ45) cable to the VisionShare receiver. Check with OSD menu and make sure the correct IP appears on the screen.
Step 2: Open Mirroing360 icon from start-up screen and make sure IP has show on the screen.
Step 3: Set the designated mobile device under the same network as the VisionShare reciever. Select the device name to project the desired content wirelessly.
Android/Windows/Chrome system: Download "mirroring360 sender" to personal devices. Download link: www.NorthVIsion.com/download
iOS/MAC system: Use "Airplay" function to mirroring the image.

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