Wireless Presentation System Helps IT to Drive Growth and Improve TCO

In your organization, the most game-changing dialogues often take place right inside meeting rooms. It is imperative that your sales colleagues make an excellent first impression on the guests, starting with the in-room presentation technology. What equipment can you and your IT teams provide to best support your sales colleagues, while keeping the overhead cost down? That is where NorthVision comes in.

The wireless system portfolio, created by NorthVision, gives employees and guests the ability to socially distance in meeting rooms in a highly affordable way than reconfiguring legacy cable systems. NorthVision is also known for lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO). TCO is the overall sum of procuring, deploying, and operating a wireless presentation system over its life cycle, which is typically five years.

Today's business savvy CIOs and IT managers help their organizations remain profitable by choosing the wireless presentation system that is not only the most cost-effective but also brings in the most value. NorthVision helps achieve these objectives by offering the following features:

• No need for IT to standby for support = Plug n' Play

• No installation of driver or software = network vulnerabilities drastically limited, hence minimal additional expense on cyber security

• No need for firmware upgrade = low headcount and more time free up for IT teams to attend to other matters

Many of our competitors claim they can achieve Plug n' Play, but that is not true because they still require users to install drivers or software via a USB. In our books, having to install drivers or software does not meet the definition of True Plug n' Play.

Due to security risks posed by the use of USB, many corporations disable USB ports on employee laptops. Many of our competitors who rely heavily on USB dongles to initiate their systems are automatically incompatible and disqualified in such corporate environments .

While many other wireless presentation system providers talk about labor cost (i.e. maintenance for software or driver, IT standby for support) and recurring costs (i.e. subscription, firmware upgrade), there is no such issue when you work with NorthVision. The only expense is the one-time upfront cost for the hardware with 3 years of warranty.

Still skeptical? Request a demo and receive a free tester kit for trial. Your account manager will also gladly offer a discount of $300 off when you love our solution so much that you decide to keep it to yourself at the end of the free trial!



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