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VisionShare is the only WPS with beamforming, the gold standard of signal

What is beamforming?

PC World describes beamforming as a simple concept that is difficult to execute. At NorthVision, we have made beamforming simple to execute by building the technology into our VisionShare wireless presentation, video collaboration portfolio as a default feature.

According to Networked World, beamforming is a technique that focuses a wireless signal towards a specific receiving device, rather than having the signal spread in all directions. The resulting more direct connection is faster and more reliable than it would be without beamforming.

Why is beamforming a must-have for wireless presentation and video collaboration?

When presenting, VisionShare ensures the signal to focus on a specific direction in order to form a targeted beam of electromagnetic energy. Designed with 24 antennas built-in, VisionShare ensures the wireless connection process executes properly every time between the receiver and the transmitter by seeking out the best signals that reflect off surfaces like tables and walls.

During a presentation, signal quality is number one. Latency not only delays the process and ends up wasting everyone’s time but also impacts customer experience negatively. VisionShare does not have such issue, thanks to beamforming, which allows for higher signal quality delivered to the receiver, meaning faster presentation transfer, by focusing the signal in the specific, designated direction. The high signal quality also enables smooth allocation between transmitters, eliminating stressful wait time before the next presentation.

Further to zero latency, which VisionShare has been proven to deliver, because VisionShare does not broadcast signal in directions where it is not needed in a meeting, beamforming reduces interference experienced by users who connect to their systems to consumer-grade 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi, where everyone else is fighting for the same signal. For privacy-sensitive users, beamforming offers a robust layer of security protection in safeguarding presentation data to remain strictly within the meeting room walls.

Beamforming is a high-end technology, but it does not mean your meeting room environment has to be high-end in order to take advantage of it. Many workplaces, especially outside of metropolitans, have limited wireless bandwidth. Beamforming helps improve wireless bandwidth utilization and increases a wireless network’s range.

Start your VisionShare free trial today

Dubbed as the holy grail of wireless networking by Networked World, beamforming is not available on any of our competing product. No one on the market has been able to offer that, except us. However, no need to just take our words for it without testing out a VisionShare. Whether you are a distributor interested in reselling our products or representing an organization looking to upgrade your meeting rooms, we have a free trial available for you to evaluate a sample unit or two. Contact us now!



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