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Privacy Policy

Effective: 31st December 2024

We at NorthVision Technology Inc. (together with our affiliates, “NorthVision”, “we”, “our” or “us”) respect your privacy and are strongly committed to keeping secure any information we obtain from you or about you. This Privacy Policy describes our practices with respect to Personal Information we collect from or about you when you use our website, applications, and services (collectively, “Services”). This Privacy Policy does not apply to content that we process on behalf of customers of our business offerings. Our use of that data is governed by our customer agreements covering access to and use of those offerings.

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The first time you log in to nShare360, you must accept and understand the following:
• NorthVision Technology Inc. (hereinafter “the Company”), will collect, process, and use the personal information provided by you (including but not limited to telephone number, email or residence address, or any other personal information other information which may be used to identify you individually, both directly and indirectly).

• Purposes for the collection of your personal data:
Marketing (including joint marketing with business partners)
Contract, similar contracts or other matters of legal relations 
Consumer, customer management and service
Business and technical information
Accounting and related services
Information (telecommunications) services
Information (telecommunications) and data management
Information and communication security management
Online purchasing and other e-commerce services
Auxiliary and logistics support management
Surveys, statistics and analysis
Supervision and management of the business by other public bodies 
Collection, processing, and use of personal data for the legitimate purpose by other natural persons

• The classification of the personal data collected:
Data that identifies individual persons, such as name, address, landline number, mobile phone.
Electromagnetic records (LOG), such as records regarding the IP address of the connecting device, usage time, browser used, browsing and clicking data.
Financial transactions, such as amounts received and paid, payment methods, payment communication records.

• Time period, area, target, and way of use of personal information;:
From the day when you register as a nShare360 Member until the day when you or the Company terminate the membership contract. However, in the event that the law so requires or there a legal necessity to store the information, such provisions will prevail.
The area of the Republic of China, and the nShare360 service area.
NorthVision Technology Inc.
Way of use:
Collection by electronic, written, telephone, telecommunications, Internet and other means for the purpose of processing and using the personal data collected within the scope of the particular purpose.

• The classification of rights and the ways to exercise these rights vis-a-vis the Company:
Classification of rights;
• inquiries or requests for access
• create a copy 
• make additions or corrections
• request to terminate the collection, processing or use
• request removal. However, if these data are necessary for the Company to performance its duties or if operations require these, the Company may refuse to do so.
Ways to exercise these rights:
• Send an email to our customer service (northvisiontech@gmail.com) to make your request.

• The company will verify the identity document to identify you, and fulfill its obligations within the statutory period. It will retain the pertinent documentation as evidence. 

If you entrust another person to apply, please submit a separate proof of identity to verify the identity of that person. 

If your request regards an inquiry or request for access or creating a copy, the Company may charge an appropriate fee.

The fee will be handled in accordance with standards prescribed by the Company. 

If the Company fails to process your request within the statutory period, you will receive written notice of the reasons for that.

• You have the right of freely choosing which information to provide, but if you do not provide [some or all of the information], you will not be able to use all or part of the personalized service or value-added services of nShare360, and the Company may not be able to fulfill all its contractual rights and obligations with you.

• You understand that, besides the personal information which you took the initiative to provide to nShare360 when you registered, you may also provide personal information, such as email address or name, etc., on the nShare360 chat forums. [Personal] information provided in that way falls outside the scope of the collection of personal data by the Company, and is not protected under the rules of this consent form.

• You [furthermore] understand that this consent form complies with the requirements of [Taiwan’s] Personal Data Protection Act and other relevant laws and regulations, and this [consent form] constitutes a written consent with the collection, processing, and use of your personal information by the Company.

Please contact us (sales.support@northvision.com) if you have any questions or concerns not already addressed in this Privacy Policy. 

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