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Here’s How VisionShare is The Most Secured Wireless Presentation Solution

The transmission of information and other data via wireless networks has always been a security concern for most companies. These businesses can sometimes invest thousands of dollars into security, but not every wireless platform requires such drastic measures.

VisionShare’s innovative technology has developed a safe solution to collaborate and share information through WirelessHD 60GHz. It is 100% safer and more effective at keeping your private data safe.

Here’s how VisionShare is the most secure wireless presentation solution:

Wireless HD 60GHz Doesn’t Require an Internet Connection, Which Means Your Data is Safe From Internet Breaches.

Every Wi-Fi solution for wireless transmissions of information always runs the chance of being tracked and found by internet breaches and other security risks. With Wireless HD, there is no internet connection, which means that it’s impossible for anyone to “hack” into the presentation you’re transmitting.

VisionShare is Designed with End-to-End Content Protection.

Through the pairing of VisionShare’s HDTP protection and DTCP protection content encryption, all content being shared is protected from both ends, and all raw data being transmitted is encrypted by unique and private keys.

There’s Zero Interference From WiFi or Devices Using The Same or Other Frequencies

The higher the frequency, the less chance of there being any interference from other devices close by. And, because VisionShare Runs on Its Own Network, the chances of any interference from other devices on a network vanishes. Having its own network also comes in handy as there is no network setup required, only simple, stable and safe collaboration and sharing of information.

VisionShare Uses Technology That Does Not Broadcast Signals to be Tracked.

Through beam-forming technology, there are no broadcast signals that can be tracked or picked up by other devices. And, because there aren’t any signals being broadcasted, there’s no chance of any signals being dropped either.

The Connection from Point-to-Point is Unique and Has Its Own Unique ID Code

Every VisionShare device is built with its own unique code. This means that other devices running on 60GHz, even other VisionShare connections, can’t interfere with the data being transmitted to the receiver.

Curious how VisionShare can work with your company’s meeting and presentation rooms? Reach out for conversation with one of our specialists today!


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