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Know about mmWave 60GHz

Unleashing the Power of mmWave 60GHz:
At the heart of our new wireless presentation system lies mmWave 60GHz technology, a game-changer in the world of wireless communication. Traditional wireless technologies struggle to cope with the demands of high-quality multimedia presentations, often resulting in frustrating delays and dropped connections. mmWave 60GHz technology breaks free from these limitations, offering unparalleled data rates and low latency.


Hassle-free your meeting room, juplug & share

Why you need VisionShare?


VisionShare enhances communication, collaboration, and presentation quality. Its high-speed data transfer, zero latency, reliability, and future-proof nature make it an attractive choice for modernizing meeting spaces. Not-like the other technology, unstable connection that has not enough to fulfill the market demad.

Experience the wireless like never before

A cable-like experience by instant transmission without latency.

Enjoy high-speed performance wirelessly.


Seeing is Believing!!


You see what you believe, VisionShare provides an experience that you never had before. 

Image 2
Dual display

Support dual 4K output:
Perfect design for large meeting that come with 2 displays with same image and resolution support up to 4K@30Hz.

True plug & play:
VisionShare provide true plug & play without install software or driver. Project true performance up to 4K@30Hz without latency.

Compatible for any devices / system:
VisionShare is compatible for any devices or system, such as Windows/Mac/Chrome and Android that has HDMI or USB-C (displayport). 

System icon
Extend mode

Extended mode wirelessly:
VisionShare support extended mode without extra software; act as 2nd monitor and support up to 4K resolution. 





Hardware restrictions:
Designing a high-security system, VisionShare typeC transmitter design for power, audio and video without data storage. 




iPad Pro



Extensive compatibility:
VisionShare is compatible for any devices with USB-C connectivity that support displayport function.  


Power embedded:
World first design battery embedded in HDMI transmitter without additional power cable that support up to 3 hours usage. 

Power Station

Power charging & storage:
Magnetic attraction design on power station to ensure the right position after put the transmitter on it. 

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"7" Security protection


Proprietary 60GHz Network

VisionShare is follows WirelessHD 60GHz protocol, the receiver and transmitter through WirelessHD proprietary network to find each other and communicate. 

BeamForming Technology


The signal does not pass through the walls and not able to be searched. All data kept inside the room only.


Point to Point Connection

Under WirelessHD network, the connection between transmitter and receiver is point to point and the connection is unique. 

No USB, No Software 


Through HDMI & TypeC player to transmit digital & true video/data performance without compression. No software or driver needed to installed.


Raw Data Encryption

The VisionShare transmission is a one-way direction, only transfer the audio/video raw data which encrypted by private keys.


HDCP/DTCP Certificated

(HDCP 2.2/DTCP) enforce the protection of sensitive information to ensure it’s stored and accessed by authorized applications.

Customized ID code

ID code

Private and customized ID code are strongly protect VisionShare to prevent any same frequecy interruption. 

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