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30 JAN - 2 FEB
Barcelona, Spain

NorthVision Booth Number:
3E100 Hall 3

Invitation code: JOV1NXJ5

VisionShare Series

Find the right wireless presentation solution for your office

VisionShare A series

Mainstream package with all the must have.

AC series

AC series

AC40_透明底 1.png

Professional & High-efficiency meeting room solution

VisionShare AD series
AD40_new-removebg-preview (2).png

Perfect meeting room combination with large interactive display

AC touch model

Wireless touchback control system support up to 10 points touch

VisionShare Enterprise Grade 

Wireless Presentation System

VisionShare offer world's first true performance up to 4K . Turn any meeting or board room into a state of the art conference location with this enterprise grade presentation solution.

Why VisionShare?


4 True Facts

True plug'n play
True 4K performance
True video quality
True color

5 Zeros

Zero software / driver
Zero latency
Zero interference
Zero network setup
Zero maintenance

True power 60GHz 

VisionShare adopt 60GHz technology, operating within the millimeter-wave frequency band, refers to wireless communication systems that utilize electromagnetic waves with wavelengths ranging from 1 to 10 millimeters. 60GHz can transform wireless presentation systems by enabling high-speed data transfer, low-latency interactions, and seamless sharing of multimedia content during presentations.

Beam-forming technology

Beamforming is a technique that adjusts the transmission of radio frequency signals to create directed or focused beams of wireless energy. Signal reflect on any surface and find the best connection between the receiver and transmitter. The beamforming provide 100% secure that keep all information inside of the room, especially for meeting room. Never worry data would steal. 

Point to Point connection

Designing a high-security point-to-point connection using mmWave technology, specifically at 60GHz, to prevent interference by other Wi-Fi networks. 60GHz point-to-point connection offers high data rates and low interference, making it suitable for various high-capacity and short-range wireless communication applications.

Super-fast speed 

VisionShare (mmWave technology) operating at 60GHz offers the potential for super-fast data speeds in wireless communication. VisionShare data rate has above 10-28 Gbit/s that high band-width allows for significantly high speed transmission, compared to lower frequency bands commonly used in traditional Wi-Fi networks.

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