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WirelessHD 60GHz vs WiFi 5GHz: 3 Reasons to Go 60GHz

Choosing which wireless application to use should not be a stressful decision. Many wireless carriers throw various marketing jargons at customers without offering the effective consultation on what suits their organizations the best.

When comparing WirelessHD 60GHz to WiFi 5GHZ, although we believe that the higher frequency WirelessHD is obviously the better choice, 5GHz does have its advantages. Before giving our reasons to go 60GHz, it’s important to understand the main differences between WIFI and Wireless HD as well as 5GHz and 60GHz frequencies.

Three Reasons Why WirelessHD 60GHz is The Way To Go

  1. You Don’t Need Multiple Routers. Depending on your meeting room size, both 5GHz and 60GHz can probably both work effectively when it comes to range. However, if you’re using a WiFi signal instead of WirelessHD, you will not be able to use the same router as the rest of the office due to the low range and the radio waves' inability to reach through walls. WirelessHD is a simpler route as it doesn’t require a separate internet connection. Instead, it runs on its own transmission.

  2. The 60GHz Frequency Allows for More Data and More Connections Without Interference or Affecting Usage. More devices are connected wirelessly to the internet and to each other, and this number continues to grow. WirelessHD runs separately than the WiFi that many office computers and devices are already connected to, which means that it won’t be affected by any lagging or lost connections. 60GHz itself, even over WiFi, can withstand huge amounts of data before it even begins to slow down.

  3. 4K Wireless Video Support is a Breeze. 60GHz and WirelessHD are the only platforms that can effortlessly (and wirelessly) transmit 4K video to other devices. Other spectrums, including 5GHz can’t keep up to the speed that 4K requires, which means the output won’t be as clear and smooth as with the 60GHz alternative.

WirelessHD and 60GHz technology is the new generation of wireless capabilities. Most devices are already hardwired to support and interact better with this frequency. Soon, the future will remember 5GHz as a fossil to become part of history as most 2.4GHz internet frequencies.

Have you switched to 60GHz yet? Let us know in the comments and reach out to discuss how NorthVision can create innovative collaboration in your meeting room.



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