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We are so convinced you and your customers will love our VisionShare after trying it out, so we are offering "Try n' Buy". With this program, you (first-time buyers only) will receive a FREE model for evaluation.


Although we are confident that every IT team would enjoy the benefits within minutes after setting up a NorthVision product and using it, we gladly offer you and your organization to "Try" and evaluate the VisionShare device for 14 days. Your account manager will help you get a hang of the solution during your trial period.

If your organization decides to keep the evaluation unit, a handsome discount (50% off the MSRP price) will be applied to your purchase. If your organization determines it is not a right fit within 14 days, the item can be returned upon contacting us, via phone or email. Try it today and enjoy the true quality performance. 


The "Try n' Buy" program starts now for a limited time only. Get in touch with us or fill out the application form today!

(Terms & Conditions applied)

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