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Did you know our competitors compress your wireless presentation? Worst part is that it ain't safe

Have you ever wondered how your collaboration system decodes and delivers your wireless presentation? The answer would depend on which system you use: Barco Clickshare, BenQ InstaShow or NorthVision VisionShare?

Your data is not safe when compressed

Both Clickshare and InstaShow compress your presentations, whereas we do not. Our competitors treat your presentations as data and compress them using algorithms. NorthVision treats your presentations as audio and visual content delivered frame by frame.

In the case of our competitors, they deploy compression algorithms with the main objective to reduce the space required in order to store the same amount of data. That sounds like a compromise, doesn’t it? You are right. It is a comprise – a compromise of the quality and the performance of your wireless presentation.

Is encryption the solution to compression?

Our competitors may defend themselves by doing compression and encryption before and after. Compression after encryption is not considered efficient. Compression before encrypting is common. However, no matter how common it is to compress data before encryption, it is still susceptible to attacks that may compromise data confidentiality, hence loopholes for hacking activities.

An example of a cyber-attack on your compressed wireless presentation before it gets encrypted may involve the use of JavaScript code to perform a brute force attack on the victim’s browser. This attack allows a threat agent to infer encrypted transmitted data based on the size of that compressed data. This is possible due to an intrinsic vulnerability to the operation of compression algorithms. When you use VisionShare, where your wireless presentation is delivered by frame, you are immune to such vulnerability.

Is your encryption standard properly implemented?

Compression aside, encryption method is also a factor of how secure your wireless presentation is. Clickshare is known for its AES-128 standard, which has enjoyed a solid reputation since it was introduced. Nevertheless, whether it gets properly implemented on the system you purchase from our competitors may impact how secure the AES-128 standard is. With a pressing shortage of highly trained cyber security professionals all over the world, not every wireless presentation system provider is able to retain the best talent.

You can have it all with our VisionShare

Again, your wireless presentation is not in safe hands when it is treated as data which our competitors compress, as data is made of binary codes susceptible to cybersecurity vulnerabilities. When your wireless presentation is decoded as audio and video content frame by frame through a NorthVision VisionShare, it is immune to such vulnerabilities.

The best part is our mission to protect you and your presentation does not stop there. Your wireless presentation is encrypted with VisionShare, but the technology we adopt to protect your presentation is not only different but also much better and more advanced. Stay tuned for Part II where we walk you through our content protection standard and certification.

Neither your organization nor your customers is supposed to have to choose. You all deserve to have it all: the highest security, the best performance and the non-existent latency or bandwidth issue. The day you choose a VisionShare from us is the day you start to truly have it all. Get a free trial with us today!



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