Is Wireless 4K Important For a Meeting Room?

Collaboration has evolved from heads huddled over a blueprint, to a multi-dimensional, real-time interaction that pushes the boundaries of technology and allows team members to connect on a global-scale and share information in high-definition. Now imagine having all that innovative technology at your fingerprints and you can only share visuals that mimic those on a school’s television on wheels from the 90s.

If there’s anything you should ensure your meeting rooms are equipped with, other than NorthVision tech, is 4k technology. Even the most minimalistic rooms benefit from the advanced technology of the clearer image, faster responsiveness and the assurance that collaboration is at its highest opportunity.

4K VS 1080p Resolution Technology

Many wireless sharing platforms continue to offer only a 1080p resolution for their clients. Although 1080p is considered High-Definition (HD), the output is 1920 by 1080 pixels on a screen, which is built to compress content to fit the screen. 4K, on the other hand offers a width of approximately 4000 pixels, almost 4x the amount in 1080p. It’s an ultra-HD experience that uses next-generation quality visuals without compressing content. Images are brighter and more detailed; lines are clearer, curvier, and smoother.

Conferencing Becomes More Human with 4K

4K conferencing creates outstanding detailed images, allowing even remote members to join the meeting room without compromising on quality. The face-to-face interaction becomes clearer and more human than previous resolutions. And, having 4K capabilities doesn’t interfere with those who are joining the conference with lower resolutions.

All New Devices Support 4K Resolution Technology

For the past few years, almost every new device competing on the market has included some form of 4K capabilities. This means that almost all new notebooks support 4K video playback and almost every smartphone camera now supports 4K video shooting. Although many of these screens cannot display in 4K, that content you create on your devices can easily be shared through or VisionShare platform. VisionShare supports True 4K video playback without compressing content and provides True Colour and true picture quality without delays.

VisionShare is the world’s first true wireless 4K sharing and collaboration platform that offers various packages depending on your unique meeting room. It’s compatible with any device using any operating system, and generates a clear, fast image, and state of the art technology to ensure each meeting or collaboration utilizes the best that 4k tech has to offer.

To find out more about VisionShare and how we can incorporate into your meeting room, reach out today!



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