VisionShare Series

Wireless TRUE Performance Collaboration System

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Huddle Room

Standard Meeting Room

Corporate Meeting Room

Interactive Meeting Room

Wireless Touch Solution

All Meeting Room

Small work space and meeting area

Interactive Touch Display Meeting Room

Small to Middle size Meeting Room

Full range of Meeting Room

Interactive Touch Display Meeting Room

Small to large meeting rooms

wireless presentation

Standard Meeting Room

VisionShare A series (HDMI), high compatibility via HDMI connectivity, the most common port in every laptop or office devices, in true FHD and 4K performance. VisionShare gives the best experience in the wireless presentation system, compatible for any working space with large display or projector. Truly plug and play system without learning curve to increases meeting efficiency and usability. 

VisionShare A20 (WUXGA) / A40 (4K)

Enterprise Collaboration Solution with Best Experience & Usability

  • High performance of WUXGA or 4K video quality

  • Power embedded and HDMI plug & play

  • Free WiFi Interference

  • Secure and Versatile Presentation System

  • No Software, No Driver, No Training

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VisionShare Key Features

Vision a professional collaboration solution

True Plug & Play 

Simply plug in the HDMI player and get started. No software or driver installation and no maintenance is required.