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Wireless Presentation for the Future (Part II): DisplayPort > USB-C

Recent news on USB-C

Following the recent announcement from European Commissions of mandatory USB-C on all smartphones and other electronics, many IT managers and network engineers wonder just how much USB-C connectivity is capable of. However, not all USB-C systems are the same, just like in the world of wireless presentation, not all USB-C transmitters are the same. Our VisionShare that comes with DisplayPort functionality is far superior to a regular USB-C dongle.

DisplayPort over USB-C

While NorthVision is not the only provider of wireless presentation systems that operate with USB-C, we are the only one that offers DisplayPort via USB-C connectivity. Everyone's USB-C without DisplayPort is all just a gimmick. Here are reasons every business should choose DisplayPort over USB-C: performance, versatility and futureproof.


4K displays are now mainstream for meeting rooms. Higher resolution comes with higher bandwidth. Our competitors, unable to let their users "have it all," constantly sacrifice either quality or bandwidth by compressing the presentations. The Part I article mentions data compression compromises confidentiality, posing as a cybersecurity threat to organizations.

VisionShare, on the other hand, is equipped with DisplayPort, which enables up to 4K at 60Hz through a single cable without the use of compression. Our users can offer meeting participants the most seamless, the most enjoyable visual experience, while helping their organizations save energy.

Generally speaking, DisplayPort enables up to 3X increase in video bandwidth performance, helps to reduce system powers and extends battery life.


DisplayPort was designed to replace VGA, FPD-Link, and Digital Visual Interface (DVI) and has every reason to. Unlike the old standards, DisplayPort over USB-C is both backward compatible and reversible, hence highly recommended by system integrators, infrastructure architectures and installers.

During meetings, multiple displays are sometimes required. The DisplayPort Multi-Stream feature enables the connection of multiple displays to a single port. Multi-Stream can also be used within the system to expand the number of display output ports. Scaling has never been easier.


As mentioned earlier, 4K displays are already mainstream. What is next? 8K displays. DisplayPort over USB-C can easily bring 8K to life without any latency, while remaining energy saving.

According to VESA, more than 225 companies, including many of the world’s largest semiconductor and electronics companies, are supporters of DisplayPort. This standard is also expected to become even more widely deployed. We knew this years ago and designed our solutions accordingly to prepare our customers for what is to come.

What does this all mean?

A note to all IT managers, network managers and facility managers out there, it is time to get on with the times. Why getting a system with USB-C only when you can get a better one with DisplayPort over USB-C? Lucky for you – NorthVision is offering free trial for sample evaluation. Our solutions come with HDMI only as well as both HDMI and USB-C, ready to cater to the specs of your current and future meeting room technology. Email us now for a sample unit or two!



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