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Wireless Presentation for the Future (Part I): USB-C > USB-A

Recent news on USB-C

According to The Verge, European Union recently proposed mandatory USB-C on all smartphones and other electronics, aiming at "full interoperability" on both ends of the cable.

Once this bill is passed, Apple will be impacted negatively, and so are other wireless presentation system providers whose products are still built with USB-A. Can you blame them, though? USB-C is the future, something NorthVision already knew back in 2018 when we launched our first VisionShare.

Seriously though…. How exactly is USB-C better than USB-A? In the context of wireless presentation and video collaboration, there are even far more benefits. USB-C is commonly known for the potential of a much higher data transfer rate than USB-A. During a meeting where employees are presenting and trying to make a good impression, speed is everything. What else? Security, space-saving and futureproof.


Did you know many organizations disable USB-A ports on employee laptops? This is for security reasons to prevent unauthorized data transfers, where employees steal confidential information by inserting thumb drives into USB-A ports. Many financial institutions and corporations handling highly confidential business top secrets choose our VisionShare solely because we offer USB-C, not USB-A.


Days of devices having multiple different connector ports are long gone primarily. Nowadays HDMI, which is also available on VisionShare systems, DisplayPort, VGA, headphone, and power ports can be streamlined into a single type of port, helping devices to become slimmer than ever before.


USB-C offers interoperability that makes the devices futureproof. An example is how the technology enables devices to send and receive power at the same time. Not to mention more than 700 technology companies, including big names like Google, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft, and Samsung, collaborated on the design and adoption of USB-C. It is in their best interests to see USB-C become mainstream and ubiquitous across the majority of devices that are likely provided by them.

What does this all mean?

A note to all IT managers, network managers and facility managers out there, it is time to get on with the times. Throw away the wireless presentation systems built with USB-A dongles if you have one of those. Lucky for you – NorthVision is offering free trial for sample evaluation. Our solutions come with HDMI only as well as both HDMI and USB-C, ready to cater to the specs of your current and future meeting room technology. Email us now for a sample unit or two!



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