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NorthVision Helps Financial Sector Achieve Network Security for Data Protection and Bank Reputation

After roughly half the US population was exposed to the 2017 Equifax data breach, network security became the number one priority for the financial sector. Customer's personal information, bank's reputation and potential penalties for FDIC non-compliance are all on the line. Our customer, Haitong International Securities Group Limited ("Haitong International"; Stock Code: 665.HK) only had their patrons' best interests in mind when they came to NorthVision for the absolute most secured wireless presentation system on the market.

Known as an investment holding company, Haitong International is engaged in the brokerage business domestically as well as internationally. With clients in Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, London, Tokyo, Mumbai and Sydney, the stakes are high for Haitong International. There is zero tolerance for any kind of network security risk or vulnerability for potential hacking activities, which are much higher when an organization uses a video conferencing and collaboration system that requires users to install driver or software upon presenting.

Prior to selecting NorthVision VisionShare (model: AC20), Haitong International was using Barco WePresent. Barco's wireless presentation system portfolio, including WePresent and Clickshare, made it mandatory for Haitong International’s employees and visitors to install a third-party app on their laptops. After learning that NorthVision VisionShare enables connectivity easily via HDMI and Type-C, catering to all kinds of devices for content sharing without any network configuration, Haitong International was thrilled and described it as a “perfect match” for their security goals.

Once the security measure was met, Haitong International's Network Manager was even more pleased to find out how easy it was to utilize VisionShare during meetings. VisionShare delivers encrypted audiovisual quality which also turned out much better than WePresent as VisionShare does not compress any presentation data like Barco does. Having 4K resolution on hand was also a huge bonus. Setting up a wireless presentation system at work is no longer a chore for Haitong International.

"For centuries, thefts of all kinds have been targeting the financial sector, starting with physical stealing of monies. Then along came computer fraud, followed by today’s cyberattacks, data breaches and various hacking activities," Haitong International's Network Manager said. "At Haitong International, we are more than prepared as we make sure we get as ahead as possible to protect our customers as well as our organization."


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