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NorthVision, Proud Wireless Collaboration Partner of POSCO International

Headquartered in Seoul, Korea, POSCO International Corporation (KRX: 047050) is a leader in international trade, development and management of infrastructure and resource development. In 2020, POSCO International generated a revenue of 49 billion USD, creating jobs for thousands of employees and making significant impacts on various industries around the world, including steel, cement, crude oil, heavy machinery, automobile parts, and textiles. Their meeting rooms are where some of the world’s most confidential and the most life-changing dialogues take place.

ELECTROSMITH, the distributor of NorthVision overseeing accounts based in Korea, is the latest proud vendor of POSCO International, supplying NorthVision VisionShare AC20 to play such a critical part of each meeting at the heart of POSCO International's everyday business.

How risky is Wi-Fi?

NorthVision VisionShare is the chosen winner primarily for security reasons, where all other brands fall short. Inside the building of POSCO International, where many top business secrets are exchanged one meeting after another, there is a highly secure area with Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPSs) setup. In most cases, WIPSs are established to help prevent cyber criminals from the opportunities to steal personal data, eavesdrop, and spread malware over Wi-Fi. All competing solutions require users to connect their systems to Wi-Fi, whereas VisionShare is the one and only in the world that does not rely on Wi-Fi. It operates within the proprietary 60GHz frequency.

While Wi-Fi provides the ultimate technological convenience, it is still not yet immune to cybersecurity threats, even 20 years after entering the mainstream. Wi-Fi WPA2 encryption utilized by modern Wi-Fi has been categorized a security measure, but according to a discovery white paper, there are serious weaknesses in WPA2, a protocol that secures all modern protected Wi-Fi networks, allowing any attacker within range of a victim to easily exploit these weaknesses using Key Reinstallation AttaCKs (KRACKs).

In a nutshell, a WIPS a network device that monitors the radio spectrum for the presence of any unauthorized endpoints or rogue access points (intrusion detection) and can automatically take countermeasures (intrusion prevention). Large organizations with many employees, such as POSCO International, are particularly vulnerable to security breaches caused by rogue access points. If an employee in a location brings in an easily available wireless router, the entire network can be exposed to anyone within range of the signals. Unlike other brands, VisionShare keeps POSCO International protected. On-site demo video footage is available on our YouTube channel.

VisionShare: favorite brand among IT and Network Engineers

Other than security, VisionShare also outshines other brands in the quality, performance department. POSCO International gladly confirms absolutely zero latency or delay in video output, plus identical picture quality via cable without a single compression. Excellent compatibility with Windows, Mac, or any mobile device is another IT department’s favorite. Network engineers also love how low maintenance VisionShare is – no installation of any third-party software or driver installation needed, so they can focus on other business objectives rather constantly upgrading firmware and fixing related errors.

"VisionShare is the best after meticulous evaluation and comparison to various other brands. I expect VisionShare to be used in many other companies in the future," a POSCO International representative said in a statement. “Thanks to VisionShare, a clean, luxurious and highly versatile conference room environment has now been created."

The success story with POSCO International is another testament to the strong bond between NorthVision and our channel partners. NorthVision is known for tirelessly supporting channel partners with project wins, business development and brand awareness. If you are a distributor interested in partnering with NorthVision, contact us today and we will gladly offer a free sample evaluation for 14 days.


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