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What Do 4K and COVID-19 Vaccines Have in Common? Both Are Vital Back-to-Office Plans.

4K: a necessity for physically distanced meeting rooms

Chicago Tribune describes COVID-19 vaccines as the first step toward a return to the office. With plans to reopen workplaces now moving from theoretical to practical, organizations are currently deciding which traditions to hang on to and which innovations hatched during the pandemic should stick around. Physical distance at the workplace is indeed part of the latter which can be achieved by increased sizes of the conference rooms where meeting participants are able to situate and distance themselves. A true 4K environment thus becomes a necessary investment for every organization to make in order to achieve physical distancing, while maintaining the highest image quality and the best visual experience for meeting participants.

The chart below outlines the ideal display size for each viewing distance in a meeting room:

The distance of the farthest viewer Ideal display size

27 feet or less 55 inches

27-32 feet 65 inches

32-37 feet 75 inches

37-43 feet 86 inches

Greater than 43 feet Consider a video wall

Source: ClearTouch

The conclusion is the larger the room size is, the larger the ideal display size becomes. Displays in general are getting larger every year, so to most organizations, it is already in the agenda to continue procuring larger displays. However, the resolution plays a vital role in the chosen display size.

Give customers the 4K experience they deserve from NorthVision

1080p HD is currently the most widely adopted resolution, which looks serviceable on screens of up to about 65” but grainy and unprofessional for anything over that size. Today’s viewers like you and me, plus every customer are more sophisticated than ever. They can tell when an organization cuts corner by procuring video conferencing or collaboration equipment that is not up to the standards they expect.

NorthVision is the first and foremost wireless presentation system (WPS) provider that authentically realizes the concept “4K in, 4K out” in its portfolio, namely VisionShare. While every other competitor claims that their products are capable of supporting 4K resolution, none of them delivers a true 4K viewing experience. Instead, their solutions are primarily video and audio scaler-switcher based. Using scaler to upscale video output is a classic example of cutting corners, which never happens at NorthVision, wherever quality is not to be compromised under any conditions, especially during the post-pandemic world.

Likewise, customers can tell when an organization does not make the effort to enlarge the conference room where they can properly physically distance. Not only is 4K the most sound and logical approach to a physically distanced workplace, but it is also the key to impress a prospect and a customer during in-person interaction.

NorthVision VisionShare wireless presentation system models A40, launched in 2018, and AC40, launched in 2019, are available for first-time buyers to try for free for 14 days. Prepare your organization for a safe return to the office and include our solution in the plan. Get in touch with an account manager today and get your 14-day trial started!



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